2020: my first year of sewing

My handmade wardrobe

…or better yet, my first year of active sewing. I took my first sewing class (pillow construction) in 2019 and the same year I bought my sewing machine (a refurbished Singer Simple 3223 for $50 on Amazon). Definitely the best purchase of my life! From March 2020 I relied on sewing as my main distraction and entertainment source, and as a result my handmade wardrobe is growing by the day.

I made 69 items (what??? it’s like 1.3/week!!!), 39 of which for myself. Basically a new wardrobe. It’s a lot. It took me 2 hours to find all my sewing makes today and hang them together. Since I love lists and numbers I kept track of everything, and here we are.

what: 20 tops, 10 bottoms, 9 dresses/jumpsuits

materials: 24 cotton, 6 linen, 7 viscose/tencel, 2 wool

PATTERNS: 34 indie, 5 big four.

COST: A lot. I wouldn’t have bought as many clothes, so I can’t really say that I saved some money. And sewing is not an inexpensive hobby. I will add a cost breakdown for all my projects in the following posts.

I wore everything I made, multiple times. Working from home meant that I needed a pick me up in the morning to start the day, and wearing clothes that I made definitely helped.

This past year I learned a lot, unpicked and hand-stitched as much. I still want to improve my sewing, but mainly continue to have fun with it. I will share my sewing journey, mistakes and successes, and I have plenty of projects for this 2021 (remember? lists). I’m also learning how to start a blog and maybe sew a little bit less, not because I don’t want to, but because space is limited in my wardrobe. Maybe just sew more for others…mmm

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