Spring – Summer 2021 sewing plans

I started planning for Spring around Christmas break, and now that the weather seems to get warmer and warmer I’m very excited to sew my homemade Spring wardrobe.

Even if I already had some ideas, I decided to participate to the Design Your Wardrobe class available on Seamwork (I’m a Seamwork member). I really enjoyed the process and the possibility to share ideas with the sewing community. The result is this sewing plan!

Mood board

My Pinterest mood board collected all the inspirations that captured my eyes over the past 2 months, but the picture below summarise my “collection”. I noticed that while I’m always attracted by blue, red and white for Spring and Summer, I’m really inspired by the saturated version of these colors at the moment: royal blue, bright red…Also a lot of dresses! I don’t really wear dresses during autumn and winter, but I love them for the warmer months.

Moodboard for my spring-summer collection

The sewing list and my first shirt

I’m planning to make 13 pieces: 3 tops, 4 bottoms (2 long pants, 1 pair of short, 1 skirt), 5 dresses and one blazer. I already have in mind all the patterns, and ordered some of the fabric. I’m planning to use cotton, viscose and linen, all breathable materials that I prefer to wear in particular during the warmer months. These are some of the fabrics that I’m planning to use, the rest is on my way from a couple of fabric stores :).

Some of the fabrics for the Spring-Summer wardrobe

The first project on my list is a shirt inspired by the picture below: a simple button up shirt with red cherries. I really like the idea of styling it both with blue denim, white or red pants.

First look of my spring summer plan

I choose to sew the Carolyn Pajama top (Closet Core Patterns) that I made recently. I really like the result of my first attempt with this pattern so I used the same size (8), but I shortened it by 2″ since the original version was quite long. I used 2 yards of 44″ wide quilting cotton. I also changed the sleeves, because I wanted a fully functional placket and a classic shirt look. To do so I used the sleeves from the Liseron Pattern (Atelier Scammit). I simply overlapped the Liseron sleeve with the Carolyn one, left the sleeve head of the Carolyn unchanged, and drew the Liseron from the side seams. Keep attention to maintain the front sleeve with front sleeve when drawing. Liseron (being a french pattern) has a double notch on the front, while Carolyn (being Canadian) had a double notch for the back!

I really like this shirt and now I can roll my sleeves up easily. Here are some pictures of the final result.


My boyfriend’s sister Amy gave me this fabric for Christmas, I used a pattern and thread that I already had and buttons from my grandma’s stash. So for me this was a $0 cost project, but here’s a cost breakdown in case you’d like to replicate it (total $39.5 including the cost of the pattern):

  • Fabric: $21 available here
  • Pattern: $16 available here
  • Notions: buttons from my grandma’s stash and thread ($2.5)

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