It’s time for some planning

This past week has been busier than usual for me so I decided to take some time to plan what to make next month, and reorganise my fabric stash. I finally received my order of fabric for my spring plans, but I also noticed that I have some leftover fabric that I’d like to use for this season. The issue is that I only have small amounts left. I did some research among my patterns to see if I could make something without buying new patterns (or with free patterns), and using those leftovers. Let’s say $0 projects.

In particular I have 3/4 yard of lightweight blue denim (56” wide), and a viscose navy polka dot fabric (32” long by 58” wide). I still don’t know if the ideas that I have in mind will be feasible or not, but here’s my plan. For the polka dot viscose I would like to make a sleeveless pussybow top, using the free pattern Onella from Mood fabrics. I’ve never used Mood’s free pattern, but I’m curious to see how they are, since they have a huge list of interesting design for free.

Inspiration for the polka dot blouse

The lightweight denim will also be a sleeveless top, with ruffles. I have the Breaking the pattern book, from Named patterns but I haven’t tried the Saraste shirt yet. This shirt comes in different version, and I will try to fit the sleeveless, fitted version in my 2/3 yard of fabric. I will probably omit the collar, leaving a collar stand or finishing the shirt with bias binding depending on the fabric amount. I will also probably reduce the ruffle width a bit, but I’ll make a toile first to check the fit.

Inspiration for the denim top

In addition to these two projects I’d like to make two garments from my Spring plans: a pair of jeans and a dress. The first project will be the dress, which is part of my 5th look (I’m not ready for the blazer yet 🙂 ). I’d like to modify the Sasha dress from McCall’s (now on sale for $2.99 or $0.99 at Joann!) to make it more similar to a Rouje dress that I like since I saw it the first time (but it’s $200!). The original dress is in viscose, while mine will be a cotton-linen mix in a fancy Liberty fabric (the most expensive fabric I bought to date). I’m still unsure about the sleeve length and the button placement, but I’ll make a toile (or two) before cutting that nice fabric.

Inspirations for the floral dress project

The second project is a pair of wide leg cropped jeans, and I decided to try the Persephone Pants by Anna Allen, because I’m intrigued by the absence of the side seams. I’ll make them in a medium wash denim OEKO TEX and GOTS certified from Mind the Maker, and probably change the button fly into a zipper fly.

As I said I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit these ideas in my leftover fabrics, but if not I’ll share what I’ll end up making. Do you have any pattern suggestions for such small amounts of fabric? Maybe something that isn’t a camisole (which is probably what I’ll end up doing if these two don’t fit).

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