Do you like to sew for others?

This week I started a few projects for friends, so on what now became my project pouf, I’m currently having three men’s shorts and one dress for a friend. I personally really enjoy to sew for others to the point that I actually ask people if they would like me to make them something. I know that a lot of my friends prefer not to ask, not to bother, and that’s why I have to really insist 🙂

What I like about sewing is the process of creating something step by step, hopefully achieving a wearable garment. It doesn’t change much for me if I make something for myself or for somebody else. The plus of making for others is to also learn always something new, in particular about fitting for different bodies. I usually only have two rules, no deadlines and no pressure.

I started sewing when I was already living here in the US around two years ago, and my last visit to my family was during Christmas 2019, so unfortunately I cannot sew much for them. And when I did it the shipping cost stopped me from making more. But I successfully made a couple of patterns “at distance”, here’s my suggestions:

  • True Bias Hudson Pants (for men): I made 5 of them as Christmas gifts and they were well received, to the point of having a couple of requests for some more.
  • Liseron Shirt (Atelier Scammit): making button down shirts for somebody on the other side of the ocean is not the easiest, but this one in particular doesn’t have darts or shaping. I made one for my mom’s birthday last year and I’d recommend to ask the person who you’re sewing for to measure the shoulder seam of a shirt that they like, and same for the sleeve length. It worked!
  • Sage Tee (for men – free): simple T-shirt that is actually cut very well in my opinion.
  • Agustina top ( – free): a boxy tee in woven fabric, since it doesn’t have shaping works well as a summer top in a linen or rayon fabric (for more drape).

Do you have any recommendation for patterns that are easy to fit and make for others (also at distance)?

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