Sewing my first swimsuit!

I usually start and finish a project, worse case scenario if it really annoys me, i’ll keep it on my table for a couple of weeks, but never more than that. With one exception, this swimsuit. I started it exactly one year ago, very excited and full of good intentions, but it just wasn’t the right time and I really struggled with it. Until last week when I finally decided that it was time to finish it or, at least, try to finish it.

The pattern

Last year I bought the North Shore Patterns from Greenstyle Creations. It has tons of different versions and a good size range, from XXS to 3XL. But personally speaking I found quite difficult to sew swimwear fabric on a sewing machine, and that’s why I finished it now, with a serger. I made the halter neck bikini top, which closes with ties at the back, in a size M. The bikini bottom simply didn’t fit me right, so after having changed the pattern at least 4 times, including sewing the elastic, I decided to draw my pattern using the underwear block that I made following LizSews tutorial. It worked easily at the first trial. Instead of lining it following the instructions, I made a reversible bikini bottom (the inside fabric is a navy solid swimwear fabric) and I followed this tutorial from Edgewater Avenue. The most important thing that I learned is that I don’t have to stretch the elastic!!! it’s way easier and the fit is more comfortable, while being stable.

I used a swimwear fabric bought last year on in a very nice royal blue, while I bought rubber swimwear elastic on Etsy. I still have a lot of leftover fabric, considering that I made the bottoms at least 3 times. The only edit that I made to the pattern is that I stitched together the cups at the center because the top was opening too much. And here is the result, I tested it these past few days at the beach and it is holding up.

Ultimately I like the result (from far :D, the stitching is not my best work), it’s just that I didn’t particularly enjoy making it. I guess it might take me some more time to start another one, and that’s fine too.


Here’s a cost breakdown:

  • Fabric: $16 (I bought 1 1/4 yards but used way less, not even a yard).
  • Pattern: $14
  • Elastic from etsy $10 (I have a lot leftover)

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