Sewing with leftover fabric: linen pyjama set

I sticked to my plan and started with a VERY needed new summer pyjama. My pyjama drawer has seen better days for sure. My most recent pj is one I made last summer from a thrifted curtain, but the fabric is not holding up, to the point that I will have to get rid of it as soon as I have a replacement. After every wash a different part is fraying, and now it’s beyond repair. The other 2 that I have are at least 8 years old…no comment.

The pattern

I wanted to use fabric that I already have and I had a weird shaped white linen leftover from my recent Victoria dress, which I was able to finish making this pyjama set. I made the shorts using the Carolyn Pajama by Closet Core Patterns (View C) and the top with the Hadley top by Grainline Studio. It was the first time using both and I already know that they’ll be a staple for me. Both patterns are very versatile, the Carolyn has 2 top variations and 3 bottoms, while the Hadley has 2 necklines, a sleeveless and long sleeve option.

The shorts are available in sizes 0-20, and the top 0-18. I made a size 10 for the shorts and a 6 for the top, both without any edit and and they fit perfectly! I decided to finish the shorts with french seams everywhere and I made bias binding as piping for the cuffs. The facing for the top is in white cotton since I didn’t have enough linen available, and I avoided fusible interfacing opting instead for another layer of cotton. I just find it more comfortable, and I hate applying interfacing 😀 . The only edit I made to the shorts was to eliminated the faux fly, simply folding it while cutting (see picture below in the bottom left corner).

This was a very satisfying and useful project! I’m very happy with the result, and I was able to make it in one day. I really shouldn’t procrastinate to make a second one. I’ve never had a linen pyjama (they’re very expensive!), so I ended up having a quite a fancy pj! I just hope it will hold up well over time. Here is the result on me (sorry for the bruises on my leg, they’re the result of a week spent casting concrete – researcher life 😀 ).

Now the question is which fabric should I use for my next one? Unfortunately I only have one fabric with enough yardage, but it’s a cotton blend with a small amount of polyester and I’m not sure about it, but at the same time I don’t want to buy more fabric…or maybe I can cut into a long pj that was my grandpa (new and never used)?

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