Starting something new

After a couple of years of sewing I decided to try knitting. I basically don’t have any experience knitting, except for a scarf I made probably 15 years ago helped by my mom. But I couldn’t remember anything at all, so a true new beginning for me. Why knitting you might ask? Well, first I like to learn new things, and I love a good challenge. Knitting is also more portable and I like the idea of being able to start and stop even for only 5 minutes at the time. It is for sure slow progress, but at the same time that might work better for me at the moment. I feel like I’m getting through fabric and sewing projects almost too quickly, and it is good to slow down a bit.

I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t know where to start, so after a couple of months of research, I decided to book a knitting class. Here in Atlanta there are a couple of yarn shop that offers classes, and I went for the “Introduction to knitting: cruise control” class at the Craftivist, taught by Vincent (@visuvios_craft). It is a four weeks class, and next Sunday will be my third class! I’m really enjoying it and I have some progress to report (see below)! I know how to knit, purl and correct some mistakes. That’s it for now, we’ll see if in a couple of weeks I will have a nice wool hat :)…and I already have a couple of other projects I’m looking forward to start!

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