Sewing for this fall and winter

Fall finally arrived in Atlanta too, and it’s time for me to plan for some fall and winter makes. As every season the list of ideas gets longer and longer and selecting is getting harder. Sometimes I even forget what I already have, that’s why I started by switching my clothes in my wardrobe, so that I have clear in mind what I can wear with.

I took inspiration from the latest collections of my favourite brands to create a color palette and to buy fabric that works with it. That’s how I shopped in Italy, with my moodboard saved on my phone. Now, my cold weather fabric is nicely organised in my fabric stash and I’m ready to start!

My color palette includes three main colours (navy, black and beige) and three accent colours (burgundy, fuchsia, denim blue). I sketched 20 garments ideas (I know it’s a lot), and I can make them with what I have in my stash, and with patterns I already own. I don’t think I’ll be able to make all, but that’s not really the point. Having ideas written down helps me to fight that fabric/pattern shopping urge. We’ll see how it goes…I allowed myself to buy only one extra pattern since I own a lot already. I feel like I should be able to hack them to achieve what I’m envisioning, even if I don’t have that exact pattern in my stash.

My long list includes tailored pants (a pair of straight pants, and a wide leg one), knits (the only category I actually need to make since I always layer them in colder weather), some refashions, and a couple of wild cards: a burgundy silk skirt and a fuchsia shirt. I also have two jackets, a navy trench coat and a blazer, but I’m not so sure I’ll make them for this season. They might get postponed to next Spring.

I started sewing for the cooler weather at the beginning of October, and I already made quite some progress. Usually I saw when I’m stressed, and needless to say it has been quite a stressfull couple of weeks at work. But hey, the advantage is that my list is getting shorter by the day 🙂 This is what I ticked off:

  • One pair of pants (wool viscose blend in navy) – I used the Closet Core Sasha Pants, with the same hack I used here. I bought the fabric in Bologna at Fashion Market (€12 in fabric).
  • Long sleeve top in a cotton voile. It’s the first time for me to use a Burda pattern! It’s the pattern 102 from Burda Style 08/2021. I removed the back zipper, front and back waist darts, and cut the back on the fold. I got the fabric purchased in Cervia (€15 in fabric, €5 cost of the magazine).
  • Checkered shirt Sézane inspired (€12 in fabric) – I hacked the Nellie top by République du Chiffon by adding long sleeves. I made a size 40 as usual.
  • One bra – I tested for the first time Véga by Eclipse lingerie studio and I highly highly recommend this pattern. I made a 95B following the measuring table and it’s perfect!

I’m quite pleased with my progress and I think I’ll continue with some knits next since I’d really like to have something cozy and soft to layer. I’d also like to test the book “Coudre le stretch” that I got in Europe. I actually don’t own a lot of knit patterns, so I’m planning to make basics mainly from that book. There’s another “wild” card. I’m going to start a knitting class this weekend! So some of my sewing time will be dedicated to learn knitting, hopefully I’ll add a winter hat to my makes 🙂

If you would like to keep up to date with all my makes, I will probably post more frequently on my instagram, and post on the blog every other week. I’m trying to work out a schedule that it’s a little bit more sustainable, but I’m happy to answer any question on specific makes if you have them!

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