Summer sewing plans

We are not officially in Summer yet, but Atlanta weather is definitely summery! During Me Made May I felt a little bit lost and overwhelmed, 1000 different ideas and not sure where to start. What usually happens in these cases is that I feel the urge to do some fabric shopping to be ready for those projects that I think are absolutely necessary (spoiler: they’re definitely not 😀 ).

If everything goes to plan at the end of July I’ll be able to visit my family in Italy, and I’ll be there until the end of September. What I’m not making before then, won’t be worn until next summer, and this gives me an excuse to buy some fabric in Italy as souvenir with a little bit more budget 🙂 . So to fight the fabric purchase urge I tried to be a little bit more rational and organised my fabrics to see what I can make with them. And well, it’s a lot already!

Below is my warm weather fabric stash, a lot is leftover fabric that I’d like to use up, but there are a couple of “big” projects, that might be good also for Atlanta autumn. In addition to this I have a lot of small leftover knits from T-shirts as well.

What I need

Not much to be honest, but I need summer pyjamas, I cleared up my underwear and pyjamas drawer and well the newest pj is one that I made last year from a thrifted cotton fabric, which is ageing really badly (like fraying), and the rest is around 8 years old (I know I know…emmm). I need 2 ideally, but let’s start with one at least. I want to use what I have, so one will be in white linen leftover from my recent Victoria dress. The second one I’m not sure yet, the only other option is the cream polka dot fabric (between the cream linen and the brown beige one on the right). What stops me is that it’s a vintage cotton blend with a little bit of polyester…and I’m not a big fan, maybe it could work for the pj shorts, but not sure about the top.

Underwear and bras in particular. I spent the last weekend drawing my underwear block using Liz Sews tutorials on youtube (it’s great!). I’d like to use up my knit leftovers and make panties, and later on I’d also like to try to make period underwear as well. For bras, I’m learning as much as possible, because it’s a completely new sewing world. So many notions and different fabrics! A couple of months ago I purchased notions to make my first bralette, this month will be the month! I will attempt the Barrett Bralette (free from Madalynne website), and if I enjoy the process I’ll try a more elaborate bra with cups. I’m really intrigued by the new Célèste bra by Eclipse Lingerie Studio.

Swimwear while I have two new recent one piece swimsuit (thanks mom!), all my two pieces are very old (more than 10 years old). I tried to buy new ones recently but I cannot find what I want, so I decided to try and make at least one and then we’ll see how it goes. I started a swimsuit last summer and never finished it because I struggled with the rubber elastic in my sewing machine. Now that i have a serger it should be easier. In New York (I’m writing the blog post about that trip!) I also bought some swimwear fabric at the Stretch House store, on top of the pile in the picture. I recently discovered the brand Edgewater Avenue and their youtube videos, so I think i’ll try a top pattern, while I’ll use my underwear block for the bottom. But only after I finished the one that is in progress.

What I don’t need but I’d like to make

From my pile I’d also like to make a cotton rib knit dress, inspired by the black Reformation dress in a denim blue rib knit, and a turquoise silk dress. I never used rib knit or made a knit dress, and since I’ll hack the pattern, it will be an interesting challenge. I’ve also never sewn with silk, but it is one of my goal this year. I got 2 yards of a gorgeous silk fabric from FabricMart at $12/yard. I’m thinking about the Lois Dress by Tessuti.

In addition to this I have small remnants for sleeveless tops for which I haven’t check yet if I can fit the patterns that I have in mind.

Finally, I’d like to make a linen suit. But that will be probably postponed to October or while I’ll be in Italy (I’ll have a sewing machine and 10 days of quarantine at my arrival 😀 ). I really want to take my time and make the Jasika blazer paired with the Sasha pants. For the pants I already tested the pattern and I’m confident that it will be great, for the blazer…let’s say a little bit less confident. But I should have everything I need to start the toile process. In any case it will be too warm to wear blazers here, but it’s more a challenge, and it will be great when conferences will be in person again.

I think I have enough on my plate for a while, and a lot is going to be new for me 🙂 Which are you summer plans?

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